Akashic Light 

 Hello! I am Taylor, a certified Advanced Akashic Records practitioner. I have received multiple certifications from Akashic Records expert Dr. Linda Howe and Elite Certified Akashic Records Teacher and Practitioner, Helen Vonderheide. I embrace each session as a discovery, a dance, a way to be reconnected to your soul’s purpose and am fascinated by the unique guidance offered within each session.

With a background as an Art Director and creative, I have worked with many walks of life and as part of my practice, hope to incorporate a unique expression of the messages that are coming through for you. Each session is focused on diving into your specific questions, unique needs and any clarity you are seeking with regard to your life and purpose. I truly treasure my sessions with clients and am continually surprised and excited by the work. I would love to explore the Akashic Records with you...so let’s jump in.  

What exactly are the Akashic Records?

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