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A believer in Clairvoyance from the heart, Taylor has been expanding her awareness into the many aspects of spirituality since childhood. She has both embraced spirit as well as run far away from it, throughout the years, navigating a sensitivity that at times she didn't understand.

After being introduced to the Akashic Records, Taylor was able to channel the many mysteries that overwhelmed her into a practice that is not only an exploration but also a celebration. She went on to receive multiple certifications from Advanced Certified Akashic Records Teacher and Practitioner, Helen Vonderheide and Akashic Records expert Dr. Linda Howe.

By deepening her connection to spirit through the Akasha, Taylor began to open the records for others. Coming from a creative background, Taylor embraces each reading as a discovery, a dance, a way to be reconnected to your soul’s purpose and is fascinated by the unique offerings held within each session. Stepping aside, she acts as a clear channel between your masters, teachers and loved ones, the Akashics, and You.

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